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Companies adhere to the "socially responsible, responsible to the country, responsible for employees, responsible to the shareholders" of the enterprise purpose, in order to realize the sustainable development, the construction of jincheng in one hundred as the goal, adhere to the sincerity of doing good corporate citizens, by the good faith practical commitment, never complacent, innovative and enterprising attitude, comprehensive creation of intrinsically safe, scientific and technological innovation, resource conservation, brand kf six, ecological civilization and harmonious development-oriented enterprises, take the initiative to undertake to protect the environment, saving resources, care for the staff, support public welfare, poverty relief, such as social responsibility, the pursuit of the harmonious development of the enterprise, society and environment.

On March 12, 2018, youth league committee of jincheng pharmaceutical group co., LTD organized to participate in public welfare activities of afforestation and afforestation in zibchuan district.

In April 2017, the company organized employees to participate in voluntary blood donation public welfare activities.

In February 2016, jincheng pharmaceutical group launched a targeted poverty alleviation campaign focusing on yiyuanhong.

On March 12, 2016, jincheng pharmaceutical chairman Zhao Yeqing led to by the group provincial party committee, province LuWei office, provincial jointly launched "protect the mother river - the people's liberation army east paper studied young forest project and shandong youth spring planting activities"

The company participated in the city's "charity hope project love to realize the dream of learning", and donated to 50 poor college students

The company donated the project to gao fengtian, a disabled person who won the third place in the municipal innovation and entrepreneurship competition

"Golden city medicine cup" running youth - zibo city large round lake healthy run activity

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