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As a leading enterprise in the industry, jincheng pharmaceutical has established a complete and scientific talent training system and formed a strong management and r&d team. The company adheres to the core values of "employee growth is real growth", insists on putting people first, pays attention to employee growth, and realizes the maximum recognition of the value of talents to the company.

In the training and development of human resources, the company adopts the combination of internal training and overseas training to constantly strengthen the training of professional technical management personnel. Companies encourage in-service education, middle-level cadres above scholar at tsinghua university and Shanghai jiaotong university, shandong university MBA and MBA class of jinan university graduate student class, many people took part in the network education of the university of petroleum, truly achieve "gathered strength, grow together" the concept of development, the future rapid development provides a powerful guarantee for the company.

Company staff development training

Executive training of company team

Teamwork training for company employees

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